Why Am I Anxious: 3 Main Reasons For Your Anxiety

anxiety anxiety reasons reasons for anxiety why am i anxious Jun 06, 2021

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “Why am I anxious?”. Here are 3 main reasons for your anxiety.

People often experience all the physical feels of anxiety but can’t figure out what could have triggered an emotional response. Others are often asked “well what do you have to feel anxious about?”. The questions around anxiety can often undermine the experience.

It can leave you feeling like you need to be “snapping out of it”.

This video explains the 3 reasons for anxiety:



Reason #1: You Are Avoiding Something

In my work with clients I have found that, more often than not, the number 1 reason for anxiety is that they are not in alignment with themselves.

This means that they are in a situation (be it a relationship, job or context) that does not feel comfortable or good for them. In other words, the situation does not align with their values or beliefs. But, for whatever reason, they also believe that they cannot change the situation.

When people feel stuck in situations they believe they have no control over, then they often try to avoid the fact that they are feeling uncomfortable.

Maybe you are avoiding a difficult conversation. Perhaps you are avoiding an uncomfortable feeling. Or it could be that your work situation is causing you discomfort.

Whatever it may be, anxiety often crops up when we are trying to avoid being honest with ourselves or someone else.

Reason #2: Your Core Beliefs Have Been Triggered

Our core beliefs are those beliefs that we hold deep within about ourselves, the world and how we are in the world.

anxiety core beliefs

One of the universally held core beliefs is “I am not good enough”. We all seem to believe this about ourselves somehow.

The thing about core beliefs is that we tend to keep them hidden and work really hard at proving them (and ourselves) wrong. But sometimes life happens and a core belief is triggered.


Something happens to remind us of the belief and, as a result, our anxiety is triggered.

Perhaps your partner cheats on you, or your boss criticises your work… This could leave you feeling not good enough, right? And so the core belief is triggered.

Core beliefs are normally untrue. And when they are triggered they leave us feeling vulnerable. No one likes feeling vulnerable so our anxiety pops up…

Reason #3: You Are Under Pressure

Many women are juggling all the balls and the mental load becomes overwhelming. However, they seldom put their own needs first and tend to push aside feelings of stress, deadlines, financial worries.

In order to keep doing what they are doing, they simply focus on the next task and ignore the building pressure.

anxiety pressure

As this happens, the internal energy grows. The pressure and stress increase and it has nowhere to go. As a result, it often releases in the form of a racing heart, heart palpitations, and other feelings of anxiety.

This is often the case when you are watching TV or doing something seemingly trivial and anxiety pops up out of nowhere. It is often the pressure releasing.

Why Am I Anxious?

Understanding some of the reasons means that it is also time to get honest with yourself.

Ask yourself, what am I avoiding? What should I be paying more attention to? How can I take care of myself better?

When we are honest with ourselves, we allow ourselves to live more in alignment. Aligning with our goals and values is imperative if we want to shift anxiety, for good.

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