Ready To Free Yourself From Stuck Anxiety?

(The Answer is YES!)


If you are like most of my clients then you are feeling frustrated with your anxiety and your inability to figure out why it got so stuck and how to get rid of it. 

Maybe you're an ordinarily healthy woman who does everything she is supposed to, but somehow anxiety has got the better of you. And no matter how many yoga classes you attend, or supplements you take, you just can't seem to shake it...

Or perhaps you've recently had a panic attack - anxiety came out of nowhere - and now it feels like you're a shaking, insecure mess left wondering where your confidence went... 

Maybe you're someone who has always been the 'sort of anxious' type and now you're at a point where you have just had enough of the overthinking, unnecessary worrying, pit in your stomach feeling...

I see you.

I know you want to be rid of anxiety.

The thing is, anxiety is a real, natural emotional response and there simply is no getting rid of it. The desperate need to be anxiety free is, in fact, what keeps it firmly stuck.

In my work with anxiety over the past decade I have come to realise that the most powerful way to overcome stuck anxiety is to change your relationship with it...

...And free yourself.

The E.A.S.E. Approach is my signature method for helping countless clients get back their lives and stop anxiety from interrupting them.

Ready to get started?

Here Are Some Way's To Shift Your Anxiety For Good:

Discover the E.A.S.E. Approach to Shift Anxiety

Get started with the newly updated pdf booklet (includes workbook) to walk you through the E.A.S.E. Approach. 

Discover exactly how anxiety gets stuck, what you're doing to keep it stuck and find out what you need to do to shift it, for good!

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Affordable, Online Support with E.A.S.E. 

The E.A.S.E. For Anxiety Mental Health Hub is now OPEN and offers a complete online support portal to help you change your relationship with anxiety and begin implementing E.A.S.E. And all for just $27!

Learn More About The EASE HUB

Learn How To Implement E.A.S.E. to Shift Anxiety 

Get started with the complete E.A.S.E. METHOD PROGRAM: A self-study program that walks you through the steps of the E.A.S.E. Approach so that you can shift anxiety for good. Complete with bonus trainings, core belief assessments, guided meditations and more...


The E.A.S.E. Method Program

This high value (yet affordable), self-study program provides in-depth guidance to implement the steps of the E.A.S.E. Approach in your life and overcome anxiety.  


6 Week E.A.S.E. Bootcamp

The E.A.S.E. Bootcamp offers everything from the E.A.S.E. Method Program + weekly coaching sessions to keep you present, accountable and doing the work. This is a POWERFUL way to ensure success with the E.A.S.E. Approach.


Therapeutic Coaching

Ready to work 1:1 on your anxiety? I offer therapeutic coaching to help get beneath that anxiety, work through the powerful E.A.S.E. Approach and overcome anxiety for good. There are 3 options available.



I am so amazed with my self. I cant believe that I am finding myself cope through some of the new symptoms that I developed during the Covid Pandemic.


- Trisha

I'm Ready To Discover How To Shift My Anxiety

This 3 part mini-course will share the 4 secrets to shifting anxiety for good so that you never relapse again. Implementing just one of these secrets is guaranteed to start kicking anxiety to the curb. Click the button below to get started.

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