If you feel like anxiety is slowly taking over - I've got you.

NEWSFLASH: There is NOTHING "wrong" with you. And taking back control of your life requires a simple 4 step process. See what I have for you below👇🏼

If you are like most of my clients then you are feeling frustrated with your anxiety and trying to figure out how to get rid of it. 

Most of my clients:...

  • WERE ONCE CONFIDENT... But then anxiety came "out of nowhere" and now it feels like it has taken control leaving them afraid, insecure and persistently worried.
  • ARE AFRAID OF ANXIETY... Whether it be the symptoms or having another panic attack  - they are desperate to never feel it again! 
  • FEEL LIFE IS RESTRICTED... And getting smaller as their anxiety takes over more areas of their lives and they feel more and more stuck! 

If any of this resonates... I see you.


Anxiety doesnt have to stay this way.

Using a powerful combination of neuroscience, psycho-dynamic theory and CBT the unique E.A.S.E. Method has helped 100's of people take back control over anxiety successfully.

No more just "managing" anxiety symptoms. 

Go beyond the standard "calm your nervous system" strategies.

This method gets to the root of it and rewires your response to anxiety so you stop feeling so afraid..

...Put an end to anxiety about anxiety... (If you know, you know).



This is the only online community that changes your response to anxiety in a matter of weeks.

Join others and receive coaching, guidance and expert guidance to end anxiety and get your life back

Self-Paced 8 week program



The comprehensive guide to using the E.A.S.E. method to end anxiety for good.

Gain a fresh perspective on anxiety, stop the fear, build your confidence and heal your nervous system in just 8 weeks.

private coaching

1:1 Anxiety Coaching


Feeling stuck, lost, afraid and needing a more hands on approach?

Or perhaps there is more to your anxiety that needs deeper therapeutic work?

Limited spots available. But fill out the application and I'll get back to you

*1:1 coaching starts at $250


I'm Ready To Discover How To Shift My Anxiety

This 3 part mini-course will share the 4 secrets to shifting anxiety for good so that you never relapse again. Implementing just one of these secrets is guaranteed to start kicking anxiety to the curb. Click the button below to get started.

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Anita - Canada

"YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR! You are inspirational and motivational. I've tried various strategies and talked to different therapist but many have made me feel guilty for feeling symptoms and told me to get over it! You actually taught me to live with it because it is a normal reaction. Your tips and messages along with the course material have been awesome. You are wonderful and I wish i had longer time to work with you."

Charlie Palmer - U.K.

"I loved working with Diante and she was so warm and welcoming on our first call. She made me feel like no question or fear was silly and always made me feel heard. My only wish is that the calls were longer"

Margaret Gallagher - Ireland

"Diante has so much knowledge about anxiety and speaks about it in a way l had never heard before. Everything she said resonated with me and I could put into practice the strategies she taught. She always emailed me back between coaching sessions if I required information or was struggling. She is a true expert and professional in her role"

why work with me?


1. Been There, Done That!

OK, time to get real. I have anxiety. And panic attacks from time to time. Plus my husband thought he was dying from a rare lung disease (spoiler alert: he wasn't - it was just anxiety!) So I've been there. I know what you're feeling. I've seen anxiety destroy lives. Please know you're accepted and understood here!


2. Perfectly Qualified.

Yes I've been there, but I also have a degree or 2 behind my name with a masters in clinical psychology and an ICF accredited coaching qualification. You can rest assured - you're in safe, qualified hands!


3. You Actually Matter...

Truth is I actually do care whether you get your life back or not. And your mental health matters to me. A lot. Your wins are my wins. Your struggles are mine too. Working together makes us a team. And you're the most valued team-mate.


Years of experience




Clients Served