What if anxiety could be your friend?

And all that "trying to be rid of it" is setting you up to fail!?

In my upcoming book I will offer you a 4 step process to befriend anxiety with the E.A.S.E. Approach so that you can put anxiety back where it belongs - as the ordinary (helpful) response it was meant to be!

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W H Y   T H E   B O O K ?


Because anxiety is a natural human emotional response and it is designed to keep you safe. If it is interrupting your life then it has become well and truly STUCK.

But we are quick to demonise our feelings. Now it is high time we normalise these responses and learn how to befriend them... All emotional responses serve a purpose.

My goal is to inspire women who feel stuck and ‘damaged’ by anxiety to change their relationship with it and understand the wisdom of their emotional world. It is is time to put anxiety back where it belongs -  as the ordinary (and helpful) response it was meant to be.


I Want To Be Notified About The Book

"YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR! You are inspirational and motivational. I've tried various strategies and talked to different therapists but many have made me feel guilty for feeling symptoms and told me to get over it! You actually taught me to live with it because it is a normal reaction. Your tips and FB messages along with the course material have been awesome."


-Anita, Canada