Ready To Dive Deep And Do The Work One-To-One?

Therapeutic Coaching is an incredibly powerful journey through, and beyond, your anxiety...

What Is Therapeutic Coaching?

I am both a qualified clinical psychologist as well as a certified coach. When working with clients internationally, I offer therapeutic coaching. This is a powerful combination of coaching techniques coupled with my experience and expertise as a psychologist providing a therapeutic, results driven approach that helps you make the powerful shifts necessary to overcome anxiety and get back to living a life you love!

Three Coaching Options:

Anxiety Audit

This is a single 90 minute session designed to dive deep into the causes & reasons for your anxiety. How did it become stuck, what keeps it stuck and what do YOU need to do next to become UNstuck.

E.A.S.E. Coaching

Over 6 weekly / fortnightly sessions I walk you through the E.A.S.E. Approach to change your relationship with anxiety & overcome it for good. Includes access to the online E.A.S.E. Method Program.

E.A.S.E. Intensive

With 12 weekly sessions we dive deep into the E.A.S.E. Approach and beyond. Shift your relationship with anxiety, set clear boundaries, discover a life more aligned and confidence to get back out there!

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Kiri M

"Diante is a very warm and engaging educator, and an intuative and supportive counsellor when it comes to the coaching sessions.My relationship with anxiety, how I see it and what I do with it when it pops in has changed for the better. And I feel much more in control understanding the why it is there, and that fundamentally anxiety is there to help me"

Katie P

"What an amazing woman to work with. So positive and kind. Easy to talk to. Diante gave me so much confidence with my anxiety. The EASE approach does work. I’m anxiety free now and it was a great help"