Dedicated Audios For Anxiety - Created by Clinical Psychologist

Dedicated Meditation + Self Hypnosis Audios To help Reduce Anxiety When You Need It Most!

Ready to try meditation or hypnosis but don't know where to start?

Maybe you have been recommended to try meditation, or even hypnosis, for anxiety but have feel overwhelmed with all the resources on the internet. How do you figure out what will work? 

...Thats why I have recorded my favourite (and most effective) audios for you... Simply download the audios to your favourite device and pop them through your earbuds WHENEVER THE NEED ARISES!

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Everyone knows Meditation & Hypnosis Are Effective...

Take the guesswork out of which meditations or hypnosis audios to use by grabbing 10 of my favourite, and PROVEN, audios to download and listen to whenever you need to.

Panic attack at the gym? Just take yourself to the bathroom for 15 minutes and pop on an audio to help you calm down!

Having trouble sleeping? Simply pop in your earbuds and use the audio to help you rift off in peace.

Feeling stressed and trouble breathing? Stop what you're doing and listen to an audio to help calm your breath and reduce anxiety!


All 10 audios are fully downloadable and accessible from your phone!

"Those meditations have really helped me, Dee... I have them on my phone and have even used them in a bathroom cubicle when a panic attack came on"


"TI've always wanted to try self-hypnosis. This was a really safe way to give it a try and see what the fuss is about. Pretty cool experience too!"

Kelly J

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