Dedicated Anxiety Journal - Created by Clinical Psychologist

A Guided Therapeutic Journal To help Shift Anxiety, For Good !

It's not enough to simply write about your feelings... You need to be intentional about your refections!

Most therapists will recommend journalling as a therapeutic tool. We know how powerful it can be. But what do you write about?

...This dedicated journal takes the guesswork out of journalling so that you can track your anxiety + effective strategies and gain insight into your anxiety.

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Have You Ever Wanted To Try Therapeutic Journalling But Have No Idea Where To Start?

Take the guesswork out of journalling with this dedicated anxiety journal. 

We all know how powerful journalling is when working at mental health and self-development. Countless studies will tell you that it enhances wellbeing and increases the efficacy of treatment for mental-health conditions.

But you know all this, right?

What you don't know is how to start doing it...What to write...How to journal about anxiety so that it can begin to shift.

Well, that is exactly why the Unstuck Anxiety Journal was created. To guide you in THERAPEUTIC JOURNALLING as if you were in therapy without the massive price tag of private counselling. 


Therapeutic questions to guide deeper self-reflection and discovery

Anxiety Tracker

A dedicated tracker to identify triggers & strategies that work

Journal Prompts

Anxiety-relevant guided prompts to help you get started with journalling

"I really love this journal. It is beautifully created and such a calm space to explore my feelings and anxiety. I have learnt so much more about myself since starting to journal. Its totally true what they say about journalling - it's life-changing"

Kelly R
Admin Assistant

"The journal has been amazing! Seriously Dee, I never knew what to journal about before and would find myself writing the same thing every day. The prompts you give helps to guide the journalling in such a different way"

Lynn J
Law Student

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