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Heal Anxiety And Reclaim Your Life, For Good!

With a 12 week FULLY COMPREHENSIVE program to HEAL the ROOT CAUSE, stop ANXIETY ABOUT ANXIETY and REGULATE the central nervous system...

 No more searching for different solutions that just miss the mark! 


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Sound Familiar?...

Most people landing on this page remember a time when anxiety was NOT an issue for them.

But then they had an 'episode' of anxiety and it never went away... 

And life got smaller... As they slowly avoided doing things that might make them anxious...

And they suddenly realise how much they're missing out on.

Despite MULTIPLE ATTEMPTS at "getting rid of" anxiety or panic, they're still fearing the next anxiety / panic attack.

And secretly worried that NOTHING will ever work for them.

Here's The Thing About Anxiety...


  • IT ALWAYS HAS A ROOT CAUSE. And if you do not know what that is and HEAL it, then anxiety will stick around... It is the SYMPTOM. Not the problem. 
  • YOU CAN BECOME ANXIOUS ABOUT BEING ANXIOUS. If you're worried about having another anxiety/panic attack then this is you! And the anxiety about anxiety creates a perpetuating loop of more anxiety. 
  • IT STRESSES THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM leaving you feeling unwell - think IBS, Headaches, Morning anxiety and more... 


    But Most People Don't Heal All 3 These Points

Here's Why Anxiety Is Still A Problem ...

  • The therapists you have been to have tried to heal the root cause but forgot to help you with anxiety about anxiety.
  • The program you signed up for tried to help you accept anxiety but you forgot to heal the root cause
  • The YouTube videos you found on vagus nerve activation have helped the central nervous system, but you're still worried about becoming anxious and the root cause still alludes you.

All 3 points of anxiety need to be addressed in order to heal for good.

So if you are missing one, anxiety sticks around!
truth is you can spend thousands on various programs and therapies to help you heal
But all you need is:

A fully comprehensive program that heals all aspects of anxiety to set you free

truth is you can spend thousands on various programs and therapies to help you heal
But all you need is:

A fully comprehensive program that heals all aspects of anxiety to set you free

WHAT IF I HANDED YOU THE full PROCESS TO heal ANXIETY comprehensively?

With a decade experience as a psychologist, suffering anxiety myself, supporting my husband through severe health anxiety and dedicating 4 years to helping 100's of people heal anxiety; I have learned that reclaiming your life from anxiety requires HEALING. (Not a magic cure!)

Talk therapy, strategies and medication might work, but if you do not heal all aspects of anxiety, it remains stuck.


Imagine deciding on a whim to do whatever you like without first consulting your anxiety...

Imagine feeling calm and centred, vibrant and healthy because your body isn't stressed...

Imagine knowing what to do with anxiety any time it pops up so that it never interrupts your life again...

When you stop feeling afraid of anxiety then it no longer has the power to interrupt your life.


But imagine being able to plan that trip, take that flight, visit your family or simply be present in this moment...

...Without worrying about anxiety and what it might be doing to you?!


The COMPREHENSIVE program that addresses all aspects of anxiety so that you can HEAL and reclaim your life, for good! 

By The End Of The E.A.S.E. Mentorship You'll:


  • Be living life on YOUR terms: Expanding your experiences to include all previously avoided situations and opportunities. Saying YES with confidence and joy! 
  • Be More Present. Feel Lighter. Experience Freedom: Stop all the checking, intrusive thoughts, worries and obsessing so that you can feel more free and present to enjoy each moment.
  • Feel WELL, sleep WELL, eat WELL: Healing your central nervous system and all associated anxiety symptoms too.

And you'll have in-depth, consistent support all the way through...

Because, unlike other courses and programs that leave you without so much as an email address to reach out to... I'll be holding your hand throughout the 12 weeks with coaching calls and chat support!

The E.A.S.E. Mentorship isn't Just another CBT course or a hub of "anxiety management strategies"

Its a radically unique approach that combines neuroscience + psychodynamic theory with mindfulness to completely HEAL anxiety







There are 6 ways we

heal anxiety 

that helps you get your life back.

figure it out

Go deeper to uncover WHY ME? and WHY NOW? and understand exactly why anxiety has popped up in the first place and what it wants you to pay attention to.


Uncover how past experiences have shaped specific core beliefs in your life that create, and maintain, stuck anxiety. The program is designed to address these and heal them too.


Get access to the complete E.A.S.E. Method for anxiety that is taught to you over 20+ video tutorials. PLUS Lifetime access to videos means you can return to learn when you need to.

dedicated workbooks

Self-reflective workbooks help you to go deeper with learning and begin to shift anxiety from the core. Uncover blocking beliefs, past traumas and experiences that keep anxiety stuck.

additional resources

From meditation audios and self-hypnosis audios to tapping techniques and thought challenging strategies - The online resources cover all aspects of working with anxiety and shifting it for good.

healing community

You are not alone! Although you feel like no-one really gets it, becoming an EASE Bootcamper means you join a group of supporting people who understand EXACTLY what you are experiencing.  

And who, exactly, is taking you through the 12 weeks?


Diante Fuchs 

-Psychologist | Anxiety Coach

Thats me in the pic - recovered control freak, mum to 2, wife to 1 and believer that humans have the potential to self-heal.  


I've had my fair share of anxiety and supported my husband through severe health anxiety too. Now, after over a decade as a practicing psychologist, I'm obsessed with getting people to understand their emotional experiences (and anxiety in particular) better. 

Which is why we are here, on this page, having this conversation today!

Because you deserve to be living a life you love 

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Anxiety is NOT a "lifelong condition".

It CAN be healed. That's how Leanne went from stuck at home and agoraphobic to getting married. And how Carrie went from panic attacks & afraid of leaving her home town to travelling for vacation. Or how Daniel put 20 years of stuck anxiety and medication behind him


What would be possible for you?

The success of the E.A.S.E. Mentorship is allowing you to live your life, despite anxiety

Unlike other programs, we heal ALL aspects of anxiety...

And, instead of throwing more strategies at anxiety symptoms, we get to the source and deal with the underlying problems.



Chloe Whatley - United Kingdom

What's inside the e.a.s.e. Mentorship?

The breakdown. . . .

The 12 week program is broken into 6 phases...


Root Cause Discovery

Anxiety is not the problem. It is the symptom of a deeper, underlying problem.

The purpose of anxiety is to get you to pay attention... But to what? 

The first 2 weeks (Phase 1) are dedicated to uncovering the past experiences, traumas and created core beliefs that have created anxiety.

phase two

Healing The Root Cause

A root cause needs to be healed.

In week 3 and 4 we work therapeutically to clear the core beliefs that create and maintain anxiety.

Healing anxiety often means healing the inner child. We will dive deeper and begin shifting the old wounds and triggers that created anxiety

In this phase you'll

  • Begin clearing old blocks and self beliefs that cause anxiety
  • Work with the inner child and cultivate self-compassion
  • Find relief from the alarms of anxiety!
phase three

Undoing Anxiety

Anxiety will self-perpetuate. How? By your anxiety about anxiety.

The only way to undo this vicious cycle is by accepting anxiety instead of feeling afraid of it.

The third phase of the program is dedicated to teaching you the art of UNDOING ANXIETY.

Finally you will put anxiety back where it belongs!


The exact 4 step process to use with anxiety every time it shows up so you remain in control.

phase four 

Calming The Vagus Nerve

Your central nervous system desperately needs some TLC.

If your system stays in fight or flight then you remain on edge and anxious. Calming the vagus nerve goes hand in hand with healing anxiety. 

This phase is dedicated to toning and calming the vagus nerve so you can feel well again.


In this PHASE YOU'll

  • Find out how the Vagus Nerve works to manage anxiety
  • How to TONE your Vagus Nerve to switch anxiety off
  • Exercises to calm your Nervous System
phase five

Shifting Anxiety

You cannot let it go if you're holding on tight...

It is time to SHIFT FOCUS and release anxiety.

But what do we shift our focus to?

The fifth phase of the program guides you INWARD to discovering your TRUE VALUES so that you can finally align with what matters most to YOU! 

This is about listening to what anxiety has been telling you, and carving a way forward to a life of ease. 

Inside You'll discover

  • Shift intrusive thoughts that cause anxiety
  • Stop overthinking and "what if" questioning
  • Shift the areas of your life not serving you
Phase six

Reclaiming Control

We all know that avoidance is the #1 coping strategy used by anxiety sufferers. We also know it is the one thing that stops you from living your life. 

Avoiding social gatherings, spontaneous travels, business opportunities, intimacy...And feeling more  crap about yourself - Now is the time to stop the cycle for good! 

Gain strategies to recover your confidence to say YES to life again!


in this phase you'll

  • How to set goals that are achievable and set you up for success when you are anxious
  • How to prevent future avoidance tripping you up
  • How to engage with your life in a way that brings you joy!

The E.A.S.E. 

MENTORSHIP Is More Than Self Study Videos and Exercises

It's a deeply therapeutic program

I am creating the E.A.S.E. MENTORSHIP to answer what's been missing in previous programs. It is the most effective way for you to go from anxious & stuck to free & confident...

But I also created it to be the most SUPPORTIVE!

I will walk you through the videos each week... Got questions? Doubts? Unsure what to do next? Deeper stuff coming up and needing extra support?

I have you covered with weekly coaching calls to go even deeper!

Which is why you get 12 weeks of additional support during the program

That's right... alongside the weekly live trainings (also recorded) You get 12 weekly coaching calls to go deeper...

And a Mentorship-only support group

Real people who know what you're going through
Because most people with stuck anxiety feel really alone...

...Like no-one really understands what they're going through

Which is why we create a 24/7 support group where you can chat with your fellow participants about what you're going through and receive the ongoing encouragement and re-assurance that you need...

... Without feeling like a burden


It is expert moderated to ensure a non-triggering, SAFE space to connect!
Lets get real here...

If you're finally ready to do the deeper work and heal anxiety for good! Then I promise you the E.A.S.E. Mentorship will be your surest path to success.

In fact, I will guarantee it . . . 


I'm so sure you're going to experience massive shifts that I will give you a FULL REFUND if you dont see an improvement!

No questions asked!


You're not going to get results if you dont put in the work! And you will have to participate FULLY in the program. Why? Because nothing changes unless you do.

And I don't want you to confuse acquiring a program with getting results. People often sign up but then don't show up and wonder why nothing changed after the 12 week process.  


Because, listen...

Nothing changes if nothing changes...

So, if you're NOT willing to go a little deeper, dig a little harder and show up for yourself then rather save your money.


If you ARE committed to showing up and taking action then this is a pretty generous guarantee.

So here's the deal:

I'm promising you a transformational program that will change your experience of anxiety and stop it interrupting your life.

But you've got to participate and do the work.

However, if you do the work and get to the other end with NO results then I will happily refund you in FULL. 

With the transformation inside this program pretty much guaranteed, you might be wondering....

So Whats The Investment?

So here's the deal...

You're about to become a founding member...

My clients have asked and I've decided to put together this BRAND NEW program designed to heal ALL 3 PARTS of anxiety.

I've seen what works and what doesn't... And this is the program that makes sure you get EVERYTHING you need to heal.

I plan to ask $1997 when it is complete...

But I am inviting a SMALL group of Beta members

to go through this program IN REAL TIME as I create it for half the investment of just $997..

But I can only take 15 founding members...


We will work closely over 12 weeks to give you EVERYTHING you need to completely heal anxiety and get back to being your old self again...

  • Weekly Live Trainings (recorded)... taking you through the steps needed to discover the root cause, shift anxiety and heal the nervous system.
  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls (recorded) to answer your questions, do the deeper therapeutic work and facilitate your healing.
  • Dedicated workbooks and self-reflection kits to keep you focussed and applying the insights to your specific situation.
  • 3 x 1:1 deep dive sessions during the 12 weeks we will meet individually 3 times to deepen the therapeutic shifts you are making.
And lifetime access to it all (as well as any future updates made to the program!)


You'll get IMMEDIATE and LIFETIME access to the following:

  • Choose Wisely The No BS Guide to Anxiety Treatments Course --> A complete breakdown of the various medical and non-medical treatment options for anxiety
  • Interrupting Panic attacks Course --> The complete guide to understanding panic attacks and how to interrupt them
  • Take Back My Thoughts Masterclass--> a 5 part masterclass showing you exactly how to take back control of your mind and choose what you think
  • Emotion Freedom Tapping Technique Course--> Discover TWO powerful ways to use tapping to reduce anxiety states
  • Meditation + Self-Hypnosis Audios --> 5 of each, handpicked to be the most effective in shifting anxiety on a subconscious level
  • Rescue Pack Audios --> To talk you through any panic attack, anxious symptom or overthinking in the moment
  • Dedicated Anxiety Journal --> A psychologist created journal to help you track anxiety and use journalling to deepen your healing

But I can only take 15 founding members...

And enrolment closes in









Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Life And Finally Heal Anxiety For Good??



6 X Monthly Instalments

(in the future the mentorship will be $1997 saver investment)

Over $6500 Value

Program Kicks off 22nd April

Immediate access to all bonus trainings





Save $104 when you pay in full

(in the future the mentorship will be $1997 saver investment)

Over $6500 Value

Program Kicks off 22nd April

Immediate access to all bonus trainings





3 X Monthly instalments

(In the future the mentorship will be $697 x 3 monthly instalments)

Over $6500 Value

Program Kicks off 22nd April

Immediate access to all bonus trainings



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"I am now feeling more confident and accepting my anxiety and not fighting to avoid it. I’m taking steps towards my goals and actually using the tools Dee provided has allowed my life focus to shift from anxiety. I’m now able to sleep, get to sleep and have been slowly weaning off my medications. I’m looking after myself and feeling happy."

Sam Australia

"YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR! You are inspirational and motivational. I've tried various strategies and talked to different therapist but many have made me feel guilty for feeling symptoms and told me to get over it! Your approach is so different and actually taught me to live life despite any anxiety. Your tips and FB messages along with the course material have been awesome. You are wonderful and I wish i had longer time to work with you"

Anita - Canada

"Oh my goodness you held that safe space so amazingly for us and your insights and intuition into each of our experiences with anxiety were just amazing! I’m in awe of the time, energy and passion that you put into this course. You knew everything about our struggles with anxiety so quickly and made us all feel so valued and validated. It’s the first time I’ve felt properly seen and heard with anxiety. Even after 6 months of 1:1 therapy a few years ago I didn’t feel this understood and genuinely cared for! Thank you for giving me so many insights and finally some hope x"

Emma - Wales, UK




Are You Ready To Say NO to the fear  And Finally say YES to yourself??

yes! sign me up!

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let's put anxiety back where it belongs

Because there is nothing 'wrong' with you... Anxiety has just become stuck.

But we can HEAL ANXIETY so that you can finally Reclaim Your Life!