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Welcome To The E.A.S.E. Anxiety Mental Health Hub

You and I know that anxiety Sucks! And if you are like most of my clients, then you are probably downright FRUSTRATED with it. The anxiety feels FIRMLY STUCK and no matter what you try NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK. You may not know this yet but...

Anxiety about Anxiety is the problem


Most people with anxiety fear experiencing more of it... They worry about having another panic attack... They stress about anxiety creeping up when they are out...And before long they are avoiding so many things they once enjoyed doing... What many haven't realised is that it is the anxiety about the anxiety that keeps them stuck!

Which means that any intervention worth trying needs to address Anxiety about Anxiety!


A new way to address anxiety... After years in practice as a clinical psychologist I came to realise that most strategies and interventions focus on ANXIETY SYMPTOMS, not the PROBLEM. I needed to find a way to help, not only my clients, but my struggling husband too. I knew that a new intervention that stopped anxiety about anxiety was necessary...

That's why I created the E.A.S.E. Approach 


A 4 step process to undo vicious, stuck, looping cycles of anxiety: I offer this powerful and effective process in 1:1 programs and the transformational 6 week E.A.S.E. Bootcamp. All of my clients have shifted anxiety this way. And you can too...

Inside the E.A.S.E. Anxiety Mental Health Hub!


Maybe you know you need help with anxiety... But, perhaps, like so many out there, you are on a VERY LONG WAITLIST for a funded service... Or private therapy is just TOO EXPENSIVE.

Many of the anxiety sufferers I speak to know they need the support, guidance & interventions that work but, as a valued TikTok follower once commented: "It seems I am too poor to be calm" 😔 


Or you need continued support... Having finished the E.A.S.E. Bootcamp or coaching but looking for a way to stay connected, accountable and continue implementing E.A.S.E. in your life?... 


Receive all the support, guidance & interventions needed

To put an end to anxiety about anxiety....


Discover the E.A.S.E. Approach

Online tutorials walking you through the E.A.S.E. approach so that you can begin using it to shift stuck anxiety



Dedicated Support When You Need It Most

Tailor made audios designed to talk you down from a panic attack, health anxiety, overthinking and more



Powerful Resources to Reduce Anxiety

Access to meditations, guided self-hypnosis audios + a range of proven strategies to help calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety when it creeps up



Monthly Coaching          Calls

Highly specialised and live Q&A calls teaching additional therapeutic strategies to help you lean in, accept and overcome anxiety. 

From The Founder:

Anxiety that is interrupting you is anxiety that is stuck! You are not damaged, disordered, or mentally ill... Your anxiety is simply stuck!

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The E.A.S.E. Approach works... Best money spent. Just do it!

-Phoebe - New Zealand

Since the E.A.S.E. Approach I have presented in front of a 200 strong audience

-Michelle - UK

I now have the tools to help myself move forward and understand anxiety

-Patty - Australia


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Get Back To Living With Confidence, Avoid "Relapse"

Attend the monthly coaching to keep you on track. Enjoy updated information for continued wellbeing.

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Here's What Other's Have Said:

I feel like I’ve woken up and I want to live again rather than hiding away

-Katrina - New Zealand

I love her voice - always there for us and answering questions

-Ewa - Canada

I am not scared of my anxiety anymore. I can see it as a friend.

-Katie - UK