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Created by Clinical Psychologist | Anxiety Coach

 A 6 week Program to Overcome Anxiety & regain your confidence!

Anxiety is a natural response.... If it is interrupting your life, then it is STUCK!

Good news is there is a 4 Step Process to effectively shift anxiety and get UNSTUCK.  

Let's Be honest about why you're here; 

You're struggling with anxiety, right?

But It wasn't always this way... Sure, you might have had some anxiety on occasion. But that was easily managed and went away.

What were you like? If you are like most of the clients I work with then you've always thought of yourself as a fairly well functioning woman contributing to society. But now it seems anxiety gets in the way and you just can't figure out why it won't leave you alone.

Your experience is not uncommon.

Anxiety can get stuck.

If you are struggling with stuck anxiety then you can probably relate to one (or more) of the following:

  • You just don't feel like your "old self" anymore - Anxiety has popped up and you've lost confidence (or sense of freedom) and no matter what you do I cannot shake the anxiety and get back to being you! 
  • You're always overthinking and preoccupied with worries - It feels like your mind never rests, I'm always on edge and cannot seem to relax.
  • You've had a panic attack and now you feel anxious all the time -  afraid of going out because you might have another panic attack.
  • You're feeling anxious about your health - and every physical symptom you experience leaves you feeling like something serious is going on!
  • You've lost your fun-loving, spontaneous personality (or it goes missing sometimes) -  because anxiety gets in the way of you just getting on with it.
  • You feel like you always need reassurance from friends or family - and struggle to trust yourself because of anxiety.

If you've said YES to even ONE of these, then then you are in the right place!


What You Need To Know About Anxiety:

Anxiety Sucks. And I know you want to be rid of it. Especially when it has started interrupting everything you do.

But Anxiety is not actually the problem. It is, in fact, a natural emotional response that was designed to keep you safe.

Anxiety that is functioning as it should will naturally come and go. It alerts you when you need to pay attention and subsides when you feel safe. 

When anxiety hangs around longer than it should and starts to interrupt your life then it has become STUCK.

Now if you’re like most of the clients I work with then you're probably feeling frustrated with yourself because you think you should have what it takes to overcome this anxiety.  But no matter what you try, you just can't get rid of it! 

Well, the reality is this:

Trying to be rid of anxiety only gets it more stuck!

Now, I know that natural inclination is to try and push anxiety away. But what you resist, always persists! And don't forget....

Anxiety is meant to be a natural response designed to keep you safe...

It forms part of your emotional language and we cannot be rid of it.

So, if you’re doing this:

Trying to block out your anxiety and be rid of it ...

(And feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or defeated by the fact that it won't leave you alone) then...

YOU'RE creating more anxiety about your anxiety...

...And a very vicious cycle!

So, the big question is -  How DO you overcome anxiety without pushing it away?


In fact, changing your RELATIONSHIP with anxiety is the only real way to get on top of anxiety and regain your confidence. 

Think about it.... Before anxiety became stuck you never worried about it, right?

...Now, I bet, you're feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and maybe a little afraid of your anxiety... 

The mistake that keeps anxiety stuck... Many stuck anxiety sufferers make the mistake of believing that they just need to try one more strategy or find the right intervention to finally free them from anxiety...

And maybe that's what you've been thinking too?

But you and I both know that anxiety is a real emotion and you can't be FREE of it.

And all that anxious trying of strategy after strategy is only leaving you feeling more defeated and overwhelmed.

This is why you see so many stuck anxiety sufferers spiral down and feel worse about themselves.

But now that you know differently you have a choice to make.... 

You can continue to find more strategies and try new interventions or you can change the way you RELATE to anxiety - rendering you in control, CONFIDENT and managing any experience of anxiety that may crop up in the future. 


 Let's you get your "old self" back!

Helps you ditch the overwhelm about anxiety! You never have to worry about it interrupting your life again. 

Creates CONFIDENCE in your ability to handle ANY of your emotions! 

Let's you live your life, and get out there having fun, being spontaneous and no longer over-thinking everything.

And... allows you to get out of your head and be more present with those you love most!!



When anxiety is SERVING YOU, it naturally comes and goes. You don't feel afraid of your anxious feelings. In fact you might be saying:

But if you are NOT saying this, then its a sure fire sign that your anxiety has become STUCK and it is NO LONGER SERVING YOU!

THE #1 MISTAKE anxiety sufferers TEND TO MAKE:

When people get stuck with their anxiety, they work harder at making it go away.

The more they push at (and resist) their anxiety, the stronger and louder it becomes. And a looping cycle is created.

But the thing is:


So instead of making anxiety go away... they are making it worse and more painful.


The more painful it becomes the more they want to avoid it. And the more they avoid, the more they NEED TO AVOID...

Now they not only avoid their anxiety.... They avoid everything that could potentially trigger their anxiety!

Anxiety becomes the enemy! Anxiety holds them back from that new job, ruins their relationship, stops them from going out with friends, or taking action in their business. No more travelling. Or trying new things.

Instead they isolate and avoid everything in the hopes of avoiding anxiety...




Anxiety is painful and no one wants it around! 

Which is why most people hate on anxiety, throwing everything they have at it to make it go away!

But that's not a very healthy relationship with anxiety, right?

We can agree that anxiety is a natural response and you're not getting rid of it, right? And you now know that anxiety about anxiety is what gets, and keeps, anxiety stuck...

So let me ask you this...

How will you overcome stuck anxiety without changing the way you relate to anxiety?

What do you really want? 

...Imagine if you could feel calm, confident and in control, regardless of whether anxiety pops up now and then. Imagine knowing, without doubt, that anxiety will pass and leave you alone so that you can get on with living your life again. How good would that be?

There is only one way to achieve this...

By stopping the vicious cycle of anxiety about anxiety and changing your relationship with anxiety so that you are back in the driver seat and feeling CONFIDENT again.

Are you ready?

A Powerful Step-by-Step Approach to

change your relationship with anxiety so that It becomes UNSTUCK for good!

  • Detailed weekly online training walking you through the exact steps of the E.A.S.E. Approach needed to shift anxiety, for good.
  • Created by a qualified psychologist ensuring a safe, effective and proven process with weekly coaching sessions to track your progress.
  • The E.A.S.E. Approach is based on psychodynamic theory, mindfulness practice and neuroscience.
  • Receive lifetime access to the online course materials and additional resources so you can return and refresh anytime you need to!


  • Detailed weekly online training walking you through the exact steps of the E.A.S.E. Approach needed to shift anxiety
  • Created by a qualified psychologist ensuring a safe, effective and proven process with weekly coaching to track your progress.
  • The E.A.S.E. Approach is based on psychodynamic theory, mindfulness and neuroscience
  • Receive lifetime access to the online course materials and additional resources so you can return and refresh anytime you need to!

Because Changing Your Relationship With Anxiety Means:

And the  E.A.S.E. Method Takes you through each step!

Here's what others say about working with Diante:


"Diante is genuinely caring, understanding and full of knowledge. I have found comfort in knowing I can  go through her videos or contact her anytime. I am so thrilled I found her and enrolled in the bootcamp. I was so stuck in my anxiety and didn't really understand why, but now I know and have the tools to help myself to move forward at my own pace"

Patty T
Previous Bootcamper

“I don't think I would be at a higher level of confidence and self-esteem if I didn't have Diante guiding me through the bouts of anxiety that caused a lot of uncertainty, fear, and self-limiting beliefs.”

Ruth M
Entrepreneur & Creative


"YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR! You are inspirational and motivational. I've tried various strategies and talked to different therapist but many have made me feel guilty for feeling symptoms and told me to get over it! You actually taught me to live with it because it is a normal reaction. Your tips and FB messages along with the course material have been awesome. You are wonderful and I wish i had longer time to work with you"

Previous Bootcamper

So, what's  inside  The EASE Bootcamp?…

6 weeks of detailed, drip-fed video trainings

(Plus the option to add on weekly coaching sessions) 

to guide you through the 4 essential phases of the E.A.S.E. approach!

Watch this video for a sneak peak inside:


Week One:


How to create real confidence over anxiety and remove the anxiety about anxiety.

The core ingredient of any recipe for success is CONFIDENCE. And how do we gain confidence?... Through feeling EMPOWERED

The first week of the program dives into the TRUTH ABOUT ANXIETY so that we can remove the fear and mystery, change your understanding of this emotional response and finally get your power back! 

Imagine no longer feeling overwhelmed by anxiety...Or worry about what it is doing to you!?! 

By the end of week one you will have a clear understanding of your anxiety, regaining your confidence

A guided workbook helps you answer the questions "Why Me?" and "Why Now?" So that you gain back complete confidence over anxiety

Week Two:

Deep Dive

Discover how your core beliefs create anxiety and keep it stuck!

Did you know there are 7 core emotional needs? When even one of them are not met we develop core beliefs (schemas) that affect our daily functioning.

Anxiety is often a result of unmet emotional needs and negative core beliefs. During week 2 you will learn all about the 7 core emotional needs and the core beliefs that keep anxiety stuck.

You will discover which needs have not been met in YOUR life and how this creates some of your anxiety



    Including: How these are met when we are children and how they change as we become adults.!
    And how you sabotage from getting this need met.
    And how it is set up to keep you anxious.
    And how these operate to keep you stuck - Learn how to shift them and free yourself! 

Week Three:


Learn how to listen to your anxiety so that it becomes an ally, not an enemy

Anxiety is the brain's way of telling you to pay attention! - Pay attention to what???"

Anxiety is often a sign that life is not in alignment, you're experiencing an inner conflict, or your survival is somehow threatened.

It's not enough to just get rid of the feeling. Shifting anxiety means being able to hear what it is telling you.

Think about it! How good will it be to have anxiety SERVE you as it was intended to do?


The third week of the program is dedicated to teaching you the art of leaning into your emotions.

So, just how do you overcome the fear and learn to be with anxiety?

 Inside the PROGRAM we walk through...

  • How to really tune in and listen to your anxiety using very simple mindfulness techniques.
  • How to navigate difficult emotions!
  • Plus! Get access to guided meditation and self-hypnosis scripts to re-programme your sub-conscious!

Week Four:


Putting it all into practice. Follow through on the "how to" and reach out for additional support if needed.

The last thing you need is a whole bunch of training with very little time to put it in action and see how it works. 

That’s Why I’ve Included a week dedicated to putting it in practice and giving you time to iron out the difficulties.

With an additional office hours and coaching to reduce anxiety as you practice acceptance. Your success is inevitable.

Week Five:


Discover how to shift your focus from anxiety back to what matters most - living a life you love.

Anxiety will always be centre stage of your life as long as you continue to focus all your attention on it.  SHIFTING FOCUS is an essential step in SHIFTING ANXIETY. But what do we shift our focus to?

The fifth week of the program guides you inward to truly discovering your TRUE VALUES so that you can finally align with what matters most to YOU! 

This is about discovering yourself again and beginning to craft a life you feel proud of! 

By the end of week five you will have a clear vision for yourself moving forward

Week Six:


How to break the cycle of avoidance and finally get back to living your life again!

We all know that avoidance is the #1 coping strategy used by anxiety sufferers. We also know it is the one thing that stops you from living your life. 

Avoiding social gatherings, spontaneous travels, business opportunities, intimacy. And feeling more and more crap about yourself. Now is the time to stop the cycle for good! 

You will recover your confidence to say YES again and start engaging with your life!

Engage with...


    Re-engage as the connected parent you were meant to be and stop avoiding intimacy with your partner!
    Remember the vision you had for yourself before anxiety became stuck - Let's get back there again!.
    And discover the confidence to say YES when they arrive
    No more over-thinking, over-organising and worrying... 

 The E.A.S.E. Method Is Suitable For You if:

  • You have been caught off guard by anxiety and find yourself stuck, unable to get rid of it.
  • You are ready to participate in a SELF-DEVELOPMENT program.
  • You are NOT currently experiencing suicidal thoughts.
  • You do NOT have an extensive history of childhood sexual or physical abuse.
  • You understand the value in changing your RELATIONSHIP with anxiety so that it no longer interrupts you.
  • You are ready to feel empowered and confident again.

The  E.A.S.E. Method can be used in conjunction with therapy/counselling

It is a GREAT ADDITION to your journey!

As a psychologist I have always encouraged my therapy clients to find programs and apps that can enhance their journey.

After-all, They are only spending ONE hour (if that) a week with me and the rest of the time they have to go it alone.

...the more support you put in place, the better your mental wellbeing, right?!

Most people with healthy mental states have a range of tools and strategies that they implement to shift their emotional states when they feel overwhelmed. The E.A.S.E. Bootcamp can offer you this. 

"...last night I accepted I felt anxious and then just forgot the anxiety feeling. I presented my report and it felt SO GOOD that I actually did it for a change!" - Suzanne 

"I was so stuck in my anxiety and didn't really understand why but now I know, and have the tools to help myself"

The EASE Approach is amazing and Diante helps you understand why you are feeling like you are . She also provides many solutions on how to overcome it. The videos and are so fulfilling and help you progress week by week. It is a big learning curve in understanding yourself.!"

—Patty T

"I can control anxiety instead of it controlling me!"

“Since the program I have presented on stage with a 200 strong audience without hours of anxiety plaguing my evening and morning before! I had a lie in with my partner as opposed to getting up at 5am with what felt like uncontrollable anxiety. I also went to a live music concert and the run up to it included drinks and dancing as opposed to raging anxiety

—Michelle H

"I'm not scared of anxiety anymore!"

“From struggling with serious health anxiety, I can now look at it as just another emotion and I can see it like a friend. I look at my symptoms as I would do a headache - and I’ve never questioned headaches before! So the Bootcamp gave me a different way of looking at my anxiety symptoms. The EASE Approach really does work. I am anxiety free now

—Katie P

"Now I know I am not crazy! "

The Bootcamp gave me a better understanding of anxiety and sought to remove the stigma. It made me understand how common this is and that there are ways to help it. It makes me realise that I am not my anxiety and so my life just feels less challenging. I felt so much better after each call and could tackle the week ahead"

—Lynn J

"The Big Thing Is I'm OK! "

"It’s hard to explain really but I feel like I’ve woken up and I want to live again rather than hiding away. I know I’m still going to have bad days - as we all do, but I feel I’m going to be able to handle it better"

—Katrina B

"Every Step of E.A.S.E. Was Amazing!"

"Each step explained in such detail! I now have more control of my symptoms. I feel calmer and more confident. I have so many tools to implement in my life now"

—Ewa W

Let me ask you: 

What would it feel like to be able to say this too?

What is the investment?

That's a great question.

What would be possible for you if anxiety no longer interrupted your life?

  • Travel again?
  • Get back to work?
  • Focus on your dreams?
  • Be that fun and spontaneous person again?

What would you be willing to invest in order to achieve that?

You see, it's difficult to put a value on what that would mean to you, but therapy is normally $200 per session (and thats only 1 hour per week of support & $1200 over six weeks). 

High end coaching programs are well over $2000 

The EASE Bootcamp offers you all the incredible transformation of the EASE Method PLUS intensive coaching for just $747!

And if you want additional support you can upgrade to the EASE Bootcamp Intensive! 

Let's see what you will get...


Just 3 installments of $297

(Just $297 Today)


Click Here to Save $147 When You Pay in Full!


Prefer Bootcamp Intensive?

(Get Started For Just $497 Today)


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 Want to see the extra's included?

The 6 week transformation includes resources to help you on your journey:

Additional Resource #1

E.A.S.E. Anxiety Journal: Exercises & Reflections to Soothe Anxiety


Imagine a guided space where you can put your thoughts together, make sense of what is happening in your mind and organise your thoughts? With additional reminders and prompts, the Anxiety Journal provides an opportunity to go even deeper in the shift of anxiety. 

  • REDUCE THE OVERWHELM by organising your thoughts and experiences
  • TRACK YOUR ANXIETY and know exactly what you need in each situation.
  • HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE with a guide that helps you show up every day!

“Journaling about your feelings is linked to decreased mental distress. In a study, researchers found that those with various medical conditions and anxiety who wrote online for 15 minutes three days a week over a 12-week period had increased feelings of well-being and fewer depressive symptoms after one month. Their mental well-being continued to improve during the 12 weeks of journaling."

As cited in WebMD



Guided Meditation & Self-Hypnosis Audio Scripts

“Because mindfulness meditation teaches participants to let thoughts pass by without judgment, it is possible that participants who learned Meditation were less likely to ruminate over negative thoughts about the speech and their performance, and treated themselves with more kindness and less self-judgment, an inherent part of the practice.”

“As Cited by The National Institute of Health (HIH)

I know many anxiety-sufferers struggle to meditate and feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to figure it all out. That's why I have added a package of guided meditation audios PLUS scripts for self-hypnosis so that you can shift anxiety from the inside out. 

  • ProveN, powerful hypnosis audios
    Just put your ear-buds in and off you go!
    To get you going with transformative practice!
  • handpicked guides designed to work
    You don't have to figure out what works and what doesn't - We have done that for you!


Overcoming Panic Attacks Training


So many of my clients struggle with panic attacks. And have become afraid of having another one. The fear is paralysing and they have stopped going out, driving alone or even working because of panic. That's why I have included this specialised training to help you understand panic attacks and exactly how to overcome them!  

  • Online self-paced training
    watch the videos and regain your confidence over panic!
  • Specific strategies
    Designed to help you interrupt panic attacks
  • Put a stop to anxiety about anxiety
    No more fear of panic attacks when you are back in control!

Due to misinformation, many panic attack sufferers carry erroneous beliefs about their condition. Psychoeducation works to help the person get past any confusion or mistaken beliefs about their experience. It allows the person to feel empowered through knowledge about their condition..”

“As Cited by Very Well Mind"




" Jeffrey Young PHD Cognitive Psychologist began to notice distinct and recurring patterns in his patients' psychological profiles - patterns laid down in early childhood that continued to shape their adult thoughts, actions, relationships, careers and life choices. The literature suggests that people with mood and anxiety disorders present high levels of early maladaptive schemas!"

"As Cited in The Journal of Cognitive Psychology 25(4):257-276, Nov 2021"

Maladaptive schemas are powerful in creating and maintaining experiences of anxiety (and low mood). This assessment allows you to clearly identify the schemas operating in your life so that you can begin to make the necessary changes.

I will score and interpret each assessment individually!

As a Bootcamp Member You Will Receive a brief report detailing your schemas and what they mean!

Additional Resource #5

Take Back My Thoughts: A 5 Part Masterclass 


Does it feel like your anxious thoughts just run away with you? Those "what if?" questions that continue to fuel more anxiety... The 5 part masterclass offers a look into your thought processes and how to take back control of your mind to stop the overwhelm of anxious thinking.

  • IDENTIFY PROBLEMATIC THOUGHTS and use real strategies to challenge and overcome them
  • STOP ANXIOUS THOUGHTS in their tracks with proven CBT techniques
  • INTERRUPT VICIOUS CYCLE OF ANXIETY by interrupting the very thoughts that creates anxiety

“Anxiety is the pathological state characterized by a feeling of “fear without object” accompanied by somatic signs that indicate the hyperactivity of the autonomic nervous system. People suffering from anxiety disorders do not just complain that they are often very restless, but need support to face certain impairment thoughts that occur repeatedly and that they cannot judge in a realistic manner or control them, thus becoming upsetting for them."

As cited in Journal of Current Psychology 2008

OK, In Summary!

When you sign up for The E.A.S.E. Bootcamp, you'll receive...

Thats over $3500 in Value.... Or $5000 for Intensive!

Just 3 installments of $297

(Just $297 Today)


Click Here to Save $147 When You Pay in Full!


Prefer Bootcamp Intensive?

(Get Started For Just $497 Today)


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I know there are lots of programs and courses on the internet right now. And I know you're anxious to pay money for something that might not work. And you are probably thinking:

"This sounds too good to be true! How am I supposed to know this will really work?”

Well… that’s simple. Just try it.

Test-Drive The E.A.S.E. METHOD...

If you have participated *fully in the 6 week program and don't feel like there was any value in improving your own mental wellbeing and experience of anxiety then simply email [email protected] within 6 weeks of purchase and we’ll gladly refund your entire investment… no questions asked! 

*full participation means you have completed all homework tasks and can provide evidence of this

In Case There Is Something I've Missed: Here Are Some Commonly Asked Questions:

Just 3 installments of $297

(Just $297 Today)


Click Here to Save $147 When You Pay in Full!


Prefer Bootcamp Intensive?

(Get Started For Just $497 Today)


Click Here to Save $197 When You Pay in Full!


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