It's Time To Uncover The Root Cause of Anxiety So That You Can Heal Effectively

The Anxiety Audit is designed to help you figure out exactly WHY and HOW anxiety became stuck so that you can stop feeling overwhelmed and scared of it. 



If you're like most of my clients then anxiety has come out of nowhere and feels like it has blindsided you.

Maybe it was a panic attack?

Or intense anxiety symptoms that feel like something else?  

Either way, you haven't been the same since and you cannot figure out where this came from, why its sticking around and what to do about it.

Most of my clients have already tried the breath-work, meditation, a few counselling sessions and followed some anxiety gurus on YouTube...

...And still anxiety interrupts them.

It stops them from driving alone. Or planning vacations. Keeps them preoccupied with figuring out the symptoms and finding that one magic strategy that just might work.


Unless you can answer WHY ME and WHY NOW - Anxiety is going to stay stuck.

You'll keep feeling confused by it, afraid of it and overwhelmed by it...

...Because you don't understand it.

But understanding the ROOT CAUSE and HOW it has become stuck gives you back all the power...

Thats why you need an...

A single 90 minute deep dive session to get to the heart of YOUR anxiety and empower you forward

The ANXIETY AUDIT is designed to:

  • Answer WHY ME? - Really dive into the root causes for your anxiety. Discover the early experiences and possible beliefs that have contributed to anxiety for you.
  • Answer WHY NOW? - Figure out WHY anxiety has come up - what was it asking you to pay attention to? Understand the real REASON for your anxiety.
  • Figure out how anxiety stays stuck - Get clarity on how your anxiety stays stuck and looping on itself. What beliefs, actions and situations are causing more anxiety for you.
  • Get a plan to move forward - Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks. Knowing what we know we will craft a clear plan for you to move forward and put anxiety back where it belongs so it stops interrupting you.

90 minutes of deep dive to give you clarity and hope with a actionable plan to free anxiety


Me! Diante Fuchs

Clinical psychologist | anxiety coach


With over a decade experience helping clients shift anxiety, experiencing my own panic attacks and supporting my husband through severe health anxiety - I have learned a thing or two about anxiety.

I have created the powerful E.A.S.E. Method that successfully helps my clients get their lives back, authored a book (soon to be published) and run a successful 8 week program for anxiety sufferers.

Now it is your turn to gain back some of the control of your life and put anxiety back where it belongs...


ready to audit your anxiety?